Airsoft Tommy Gun

Corrine Diaz
16 min readMar 24, 2024


Get ready to experience the thrill of the game with our top picks for Airsoft Tommy Guns. In this roundup, we’ve curated a selection of the best Airsoft Tommy Guns available on the market today. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of Airsoft, our picks will provide you with high-quality and reliable options to level up your game. Get your gear on and dive into the exciting world of Airsoft Tommy Guns.

The Top 13 Best Airsoft Tommy Gun

  1. Classic Tommy Gun Costume Prop with Realistic Sound Effects — Revive your gangster look with this authentic, 19.5" airsoft plastic Tommy gun, complete with machine gun sound effect for an immersive experience.
  2. Ultimate Military Mission Machine Gun Toy | Exciting Light Effects & Sound FX for Kids — Experience the thrill of combat with this LED-lit, sound-packed submachine gun toy, perfect for military role-playing and a great gift idea!
  3. Deluxe Plastic Toy AK-47 Gun for Action-Packed Play — The ultimate military accessory: a 28" plastic toy AK-47 with action sound, no caps or batteries needed, and complying with all toy gun legislation — a must-have for kids aged 3+!
  4. Kriss Vector SMG Plastic Model: Next-Generation Airsoft Tommy Gun — Experience the power of the 45 caliber Kriss Vector SMG with its advanced reaction reduction system and various accessories, all in an impressive 1/12 scale plastic model.
  5. Historic Dueling Pistols Reproduction Set — Experience historical accuracy with the DX1196 Denix British Dueling Pistols, a Spanish-made replica of English flintlocks used in duels during the mid-1700s.
  6. Realistic M1A1 Carbine Paratrooper Airsoft Rifle — Authentic M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine replica with folding stock, canvas sling, and removable magazine for an unparalleled Airsoft experience.
  7. World War II Sten MKII Submachine Gun Replica by Medieval Collectibles — Relive the history of World War II with this authentic Sten Mark II denix uk submachine gun replica, featuring a simple design, low-cost production, and impressive accuracy for collectors and enthusiasts alike.
  8. Classic Non-Firing WWII German MP40 Submachine Gun Replica — Embrace the history of WWII with this authentic German MP40 Non-Firing Replica Submachine Gun, boasting a realistic feel, functional trigger, and genuine craftsmanship.
  9. Realistic 19.5" Airsoft Tommy Gun Prop — Add a rattling ruckus to your gangster costume with this 19.5-inch plastic Tommy Gun, making it the perfect prop for capturing attention!
  10. Vintage Model 1866 Lever-Action Antique Replica Rifle — Bring the classic flair of the Old West into your home with the M1866 Lever-Action Repeating Rifle — a non-firing replica that accurately recreates the lever-action loading system in an iconic gray finish and wooden stock.
  11. Desert Eagle Replica Pistol for Airsoft Enthusiasts — Experience the thrill of a Hollywood-worthy Desert Eagle Replica Black Pistol, complete with removable clip and authentic working action.
  12. Black and Brown Tommy Gun Inflatable Costume Prop — Stand out at parties in style with this 18" Black and Brown 1920’s Style Inflatable Unisex Adult Halloween Tommy Gun Costume Accessory — a must-have for your gangster look!
  13. Realistic Single Action Revolver Replica Airsoft Gun — Relive the Wild West with this stunningly accurate M1873 Fast Draw Single Action Revolver Replica, boasting historically detailed design and smooth action.

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Classic Tommy Gun Costume Prop with Realistic Sound Effects


This plastic Tommy gun has made its mark as a fun accessory in my life, serving as the perfect prop for my 20's-themed costume party. The vibrant orange tip really stands out when placed in a crowd, while the black handle adds just the right touch of menace. I particularly enjoyed the distinct machine gun sound effect that accompanied each pull of the trigger.

Despite its relatively small size, this toy still managed to grab attention and fit seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of my ensemble. I can’t wait to use it at the next costume event and see the looks on people’s faces as I confidently brandish my miniature Tommy gun.

Ultimate Military Mission Machine Gun Toy | Exciting Light Effects & Sound FX for Kids


As a child, nothing thrilled me more than playing with toy guns. But most of those old-school plastic guns just couldn’t keep up with my imaginative adventures. That’s why this WMAYGL Gun Toys for Boys Combat Military Mission Machine Gun Toy has become my new favorite!

The first thing that caught my attention was its realistic design; it’s almost like holding a real-life gun. And the LED flashing lights only amped up the excitement! The gun even has its own sound effects, making it feel like I’m really out on some dangerous military mission.

But what really sold me was the scope. Oh, how I loved looking through it! It added an extra layer of excitement to my playtime. And let’s not forget about the stable stand; it made sure my gun stayed secure while I explored the world of combat.

However, assembling the toy proved to be a little tricky for someone like me who doesn’t have much experience with putting together gadgets. But with a bit of patience and the help of the picture on the packing box, I was able to get it all together in no time.

Overall, this WMAYGL Gun Toys for Boys Combat Military Mission Machine Gun Toy has quickly become one of my favorite toys. It’s perfect for any kid who loves indulging in their adventurous side or playing some high-stakes military games. Just be prepared to lend a helping hand in case they need it!

Deluxe Plastic Toy AK-47 Gun for Action-Packed Play


This AK-47 toy gun instantly made me the coolest kid on the block. It’s a perfect addition to any military or counter-terrorist costume, thanks to its true-black/brown color with that iconic orange safety tip. The sound it makes is an added touch of realism.

The best part? I can get right into the action without having to worry about caps or batteries. It’s simple, fun, and durable, a great choice for kids as young as 3 years old. However, it’s a little shorter than the real thing, which might be a downside for some. But overall, it’s a fantastic toy for any fan of military-themed video games or cosplay enthusiasts.

Kriss Vector SMG Plastic Model: Next-Generation Airsoft Tommy Gun


Imagine the thrill of holding a next-gen submachine gun in your hands — the LA029 Kriss Vector SMG from Little Armory. This plastic model is a replica of the real-life firearm produced by Chris USA. The attention to detail is impressive, with a design fully cooperating with Chris USA.

Among its standout features, it comes with a long and short magazine, foregrip, handstop, and a dedicated HPS4GSK suppressor. Plus, the bonus stockless SDP model adds even more value! However, just a heads up, the price might change since it’s pre-priced.

Using this model has been an experience like no other. The Kriss Vector’s unique reaction reduction system makes it easier to control while firing a 45 caliber bullet at an astonishing 1,200 rounds per minute. The kit truly brings the essence of the real weapon to life, with fans loving the precision and quality of the molding. But remember, value for money can vary depending on individual preferences.

Historic Dueling Pistols Reproduction Set


I had the honor of acquiring and using the DX1196 Denix British Dueling Pistols, and let me tell you, they’re a sight to behold. These pistols, with their full-length wood stocks and simulated brass barrel, transport you back in time. It’s interesting to consider that these weapons have been around since the 1700s, and who knows? Maybe one or two of these bad boys were used in a heated duel to protect someone’s honor.

One aspect that stood out to me is the craftsmanship, especially the embossed butt plate. It’s clear these pistols were made with the utmost attention to detail. However, the trigger guard and the overall weight of the pistols might be a bit challenging for those who are not accustomed to handling replicas.

Overall, the DX1196 Denix British Dueling Pistols are a beautiful and intriguing addition to any collection, a testament to the history of dueling and the craftsmanship of that era.

Realistic M1A1 Carbine Paratrooper Airsoft Rifle


I recently got my hands on the Denix Replicas 1132C M1A1 Carbine Paratrooper Model, and let me tell you, it’s a beautiful piece. This replica captures the essence of the iconic rifle that saw action during World War II and even into the Vietnam era.

One feature that stood out to me is the folding stock. It brings back memories of the M1 carbine being fitted with this feature in 1942, making it more compact and maneuverable for our Airborne troops. I appreciate the attention to detail in this replica.

However, there was one slight downside I noticed. The Carbine did weigh a bit more than I expected, but I suppose that gives it a more authentic feel. Overall, this M1A1 replica is a fantastic addition to my collection and a great conversation starter in my man cave.

World War II Sten MKII Submachine Gun Replica by Medieval Collectibles


I recently got my hands on the World War II British Sten MK II by Medieval Collectibles, and let me tell you, it’s a real beauty to behold. As a history enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the weapons from that era, and this replica did not disappoint. It’s not just a static display piece, but it also comes with a detailed manual that tells you all about its construction, design, and usage during the war.

What stood out for me was the authenticity of the replica. The details are so intrinsic that it makes you feel like you’re holding a piece of history. The weight and the balance of the replica are spot on, making it a joy to hold and display. The only minor drawback I found was its size. While it’s not a deal-breaker, it might be a bit cumbersome for those who want to carry it around.

Overall, if you’re a history enthusiast or a collector looking for an authentic replica of the World War II British Sten MK II, then this product is definitely worth the investment. It’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a testament to the ingenuity of its original designers.

Classic Non-Firing WWII German MP40 Submachine Gun Replica


Welp, let me tell you about this DX1111 — Denix German WWII Submachine. When I first laid eyes on it, I couldn’t believe my luck. It looked like a vintage piece of military gear from the big screen. But wait, let’s talk about the real deal here. For one thing, the weight and feel of it are pretty spot-on. It’s not a lively experience to hold it but in a way, it feels alive. The attention it gets from others when you flaunt it isn’t bad either.

There’s an attention to detail in every piece that makes you appreciate it even more — just like the original models. If I have any niggling doubts, it’s probably that folding stock and the difficulty I have in opening it and closing it. But hey, not too much to complain about for a piece that’s an accurate replica.

One other cool thing about it — you can actually mimic the firing process just like the real thing. Pulling the trigger brings a unique level of immersion to this replica that I have not experienced before with any other model. It might not be 100% accurate, but considering the real ones were designed during war times, there aren’t too many things to complain about.

Last but not least, the reviews for this thing are overwhelming. People seem to agree that the Denix German WWII Submachine is worth every penny. No, it’s not an easy purchase, but when you get it and give it a good go, you kind of forget the price tag. So, if you’re in the market for a high-end collectible, this might be the one.

And that’s all folks! Remember, always treat any historical replica or collectible with respect and care. After all, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

Realistic 19.5" Airsoft Tommy Gun Prop


I recently had the chance to use this 19.5-inch Tommy Gun, and it certainly made a statement at my 1920s Speakeasy party! The noise it makes when the trigger is pulled was perfect for adding to the atmosphere. This toy is made of plastic, which is great for preventing any accidents, and it’s the right size for a fun photo prop or some light play.

One element that stood out was the plastic quality, which, while it’s great for safety, did appear a bit cheap and could use some improvement. Furthermore, the occasional sounds the gun produced might be a little too authentic for some partygoers, so it’s essential to ensure everyone is comfortable with the noise.

Overall, this Tommy Gun is a great addition to any gangster-themed costume party, and with a bit of tweaking, it could become even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Vintage Model 1866 Lever-Action Antique Replica Rifle


I recently had the chance to try out the Denix M1866 Lever-Action Repeating Rifle, and let me tell you, it’s a pretty impressive piece. The first thing that caught my eye was its overall appearance, with its antique gray finish and wooden stock. It truly looked like a genuine Old West firearm.

The lever-action mechanism was another standout feature. It felt just like the original, giving me a taste of what it might have been like to handle one of these historical weapons. The replica’s tubular magazine was also a nice touch, adding to the authenticity of the experience.

However, one downside I noticed was the size of the barrel, which was a bit shorter than I expected. This did make it a bit harder to maneuver, though it didn’t take away from the overall experience.

All in all, the Denix M1866 Lever-Action Repeating Rifle is a well-crafted replica that captures the essence of the original. With its antique styling, lever-action mechanism, and wooden stock, it’s a great conversation starter for any firearms enthusiast or history buff.

Desert Eagle Replica Pistol for Airsoft Enthusiasts


Having the chance to use the Desert Eagle Replica Black Pistol daily, I must say, it feels like holding a piece of cinema history. The removable clip and working action add an exciting touch to the airsoft experience. While the replica may not be as small as the real gun, its size does not detract from the overall enjoyment.

Although the length of this pistol might feel a bit unwieldy at times, it easily makes up for it in the sense of authenticity it provides. Overall, this Desert Eagle Replica Black Pistol is not just a toy, but a tribute to the iconic design that graced screens and games for decades.

Black and Brown Tommy Gun Inflatable Costume Prop


I recently tried out this 18" Black and Brown 1920’s Style Inflatable Unisex Adult Halloween Tommy Gun Costume Accessory. It’s a unique addition to any costume and instantly adds a gangster vibe. The inflatable Tommy Gun is a great conversation starter at parties, and it’s perfect for themed events.

But, there were a few issues I faced. The plug often popped open while trying to inflate it, which made it challenging to maintain its shape. Also, some users have mentioned that the product arrived damaged, which could be a concern.

Overall, despite some minor hiccups, this inflatable Tommy Gun costume accessory is a fun and unexpected addition to any Halloween outfit. As long as you’re careful to keep it intact and can manage to inflate it properly, it should serve its purpose well.

Realistic Single Action Revolver Replica Airsoft Gun


The classic M1873 Fast Draw replica is the real deal, made in Spain with an airsoft twist. It boasts a 10.5-inch overall length and a 4.75-inch barrel, making it compact and easy to handle. The gun boasts historically accurate details and a working action, with a trigger, hammer, and ejector that move with the same smoothness as a real old-west Single Action Revolver.

My first impression was its sheer weight — as close to a real one as you can get without the bullets. With a solid trigger and hammer assembly, I was already in awe of the replica. However, one downside was the lack of bullets — which is expected in an airsoft replica.

Despite that, the gun is a joy to play with. The sound of the cylinder spinning, half-cocked, is a bonus that adds to the old west feel. Users on the review have commented on the excellent weight, the realistic feel, the accurate details, and the solid assembly.

The M1873 Fast Draw isn’t just another toy gun. It’s a piece of history reimagined, a reminder of the Wild West times, complete with the thrill of the real thing without the real danger.

Buyer’s Guide

When considering an Airsoft Tommy Gun, there are several factors to take into account. Here are some important features, considerations, and general advice for making a well-informed purchase.

Quality of Construction

The quality of the Airsoft Tommy Gun is crucial for its durability and performance. Look for materials that are resistant to wear and tear, such as metal or high-quality plastic. The overall design should also be sturdy and well-balanced to ensure easy handling and an authentic feel.



Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity of your Airsoft Tommy Gun. Familiarize yourself with the recommended cleaning and lubrication procedures, and be sure to follow them regularly. Cleaning and maintenance kits are typically available from the manufacturer, so consider purchasing one to keep your gun in top condition.


For those seeking an authentic Airsoft experience, look for a Tommy Gun that closely resembles the full-scale version. This includes details such as realistic paint schemes, accurate dimensions, and functioning mock components. Be cautious of replicas that may sacrifice realism for cost or convenience.


The performance of an Airsoft Tommy Gun can vary depending on factors such as the type of ammunition used and the gun’s internal components. Consider the gun’s rate of fire, accuracy, and magazine capacity when making your purchase. Some models may also come with adjustable settings for greater customization.


Brand Reputation and Support

Purchasing from a reputable brand and retailer can help ensure your satisfaction with the Airsoft Tommy Gun. Research the brand’s reputation for quality and reliability, as well as their customer support to address any issues that may arise.

Price and Value

While it may be tempting to opt for a lower-priced option, remember that investing in a higher-quality Airsoft Tommy Gun can save you money in the long run through reduced maintenance requirements and increased durability. Consider the overall value of the product, taking into account factors such as quality, performance, and realism.


Airsoft guns should always be treated with respect and handled responsibly. Familiarize yourself with proper safety precautions and consider purchasing safety gear, such as protective goggles, to minimize the risk of injury during play.



What is an Airsoft Tommy Gun?

An Airsoft Tommy Gun is a type of airsoft gun that is modeled after the iconic Thompson submachine gun (Tommy Gun) from the early 20th century. Airsoft Tommy Guns are replica firearms designed to shoot airsoft BBs, which are plastic pellets, at a safe velocity. They are often used for recreational shooting, airsoft competitions, and simulation training.

Which Airsoft Tommy Gun brands should I consider?

Some popular Airsoft Tommy Gun brands include Tokyo Marui, KWA, and G&P. These brands are known for their quality, accuracy, and durability. However, it is essential to research and compare various brands and models to find the best fit for your needs and budget.


How much does an Airsoft Tommy Gun cost?

The cost of an Airsoft Tommy Gun can vary significantly depending on the brand, model, and features. On average, you can expect to spend between $150 and $400 for a high-quality replica. Prices may also be influenced by additional accessories, such as a mock suppressor or a high-cap magazine.

What is the key difference between a Airsoft Tommy Gun and a real Tommy Gun?

The primary difference between an Airsoft Tommy Gun and a real Thompson submachine gun is that the Airsoft version shoots airsoft BBs, which are plastic pellets, at a safe velocity of around 300–450 fps (feet per second). Real Tommy Guns, on the other hand, fire live ammunition at much higher velocities. Additionally, Airsoft Tommy Guns are made of metal and polymer materials, while real Tommy Guns use a combination of wood, metal, and other materials.

Is it legal to own an Airsoft Tommy Gun?

Airsoft Tommy Guns are generally legal to own and use in most countries, as long as they are registered as replica firearms and meet specific regulations. However, it is essential to check your local laws and regulations before purchasing or owning an Airsoft Tommy Gun to ensure compliance.


How should I clean and maintain my Airsoft Tommy Gun?

Cleaning and maintaining your Airsoft Tommy Gun is crucial to ensure proper performance and longevity. Regular cleaning involves disassembling the gun, removing any excess BBs, and using a cleaning rod and airsoft cleaning solution to clean the inner barrel. Additionally, you should lubricate moving parts, such as the hammer and bolt, to prevent wear and tear. Consult the user manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.

What are some popular Airsoft Tommy Gun accessories?

Some popular Airsoft Tommy Gun accessories include high-cap magazines, mock suppressors, red dot sights, and tactical rail systems. These accessories can enhance the gun’s performance, accuracy, and aesthetics. It is essential to research and choose high-quality accessories that are compatible with your specific Airsoft Tommy Gun model.

Where can I buy an Airsoft Tommy Gun and accessories?

Airsoft Tommy Guns and accessories can be purchased at various online retailers, as well as local airsoft shops. Ensure that you shop from reputable sellers and read customer reviews before making your purchase to guarantee quality and satisfaction.